Innocent Spouse Relief

Although both spouses are generally held jointly and separately responsible for any tax liability established by filing a joint tax return, there are certain specific situations when one spouse may not be held liable for all or part of the debt. Generally, if a tax liability arises because one spouse omits income, improperly reports income or reports improper deductions, unbeknownst the other spouse, the spouse who was unaware of the error or omission may be eligible for a type of tax settlement called Innocent Spouse Relief.

The CPAs and tax specialists at BCH Consulting, Inc. understand tax law as it relates to Innocent Spouse Relief and can accurately determine whether a client qualifies as an innocent spouse. Once this determination has been made, they will assist the client in gathering the necessary documentation and submitting the application for Innocent Spouse Relief according to the strict guidelines set forth by the IRS or State Tax Agency.

If you believe you are being held responsible for a tax debt acquired by your spouse and about which you had no knowledge, the licensed tax professionals at BCH consulting can help you apply for Innocent Spouse Relief. Call us today at (949) 954-8133 or fill out our online request form to receive a free, no obligation consultation.